Arlindo Reis asked 6 years ago

good evening
1) This app is like UBER
2) Has translation for Brazil
3) What database it uses mysql
4) I incorporate into my site
5) When you leave your backend
Thank you

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Arlindo,
Sorry about the delayed reply. I don’t know how we missed it.
Let’s see.
1. Yes, this app is like Uber. At least the UI part is much similar. The backend integration, however is not all the same. You can refer the product page for features, and PlayStore, AppStore demos.
2. Sorry but it doesn’t have translation for Brazil.
3. It uses MongoDB as database.
4. No, it’s not a web app, so it can’t be incorporated into your site. However if you are talking about a web dashboard in the app, we have that on our roadmap.
5. I’m not sure I got this one. Can you please explain it more?
Thank you.