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Github Repository Finder App using React Native and NativeBase.


System Requirements:

  • Globally installed node >= 4
  • Globally installed npm >= 3
  • Install React Native.
  • Before installing NativeBase, make sure you have installed React Native CLI in your system.
  • Install NativeBase.


Download Preview Github Installation steps

2 reviews for NativeBase Tutorial App

  1. Ryan
    3 out of 5


    I’m getting “Unrecognized font family ‘Ionicons’ when trying to run this sample. This seems to show how to fix this issue but it seems to require downloading the icon set from Iconic and then manually including that in the react native ios app for this sample. Is that correct or am I missing something.


    • admin


      Please try these steps:

      • rnpm link
      • restart your packager and run again
  2. Akhilesh
    5 out of 5



    • admin


      Need any help!!

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